• Hello Buttocks

    Highlight your bum.  Designed specifically to hug all your cheeky curves with a flattering cut. We gotchu even if you think you have a tiny tush.  For real. Our customers have told us so!

  • Smoothing Waist Band

    Wide and double layered waist band for light compression and smoothing on the tummy.

  • Legs for Days

    We're giving legs a couple more inches.  Sits just high enough on the hips to give legs for days, but still provides a secure amount of coverage so that you can do those extreme lunges when life calls for it.

  • Perfect Coverage Ratio

    Not too high, not too low.  We’re really proud of this one.  Our signature design gives you all the benefits of a cheeky cut AND a wide gusset for secure coverage. Didn't think you could have both did you?

About Us

Fortoula (for-too-la) is a woman and POC owned business located in Vancouver, BC.  We started this movement apparel company because we want to improve what is currently available for active movers in our community.  We want movers to be able to focus on getting active and feeling great without worrying about distracting or limiting clothing.  Have you ever felt that you have to choose between fashion and practicality when deciding what to wear for dance and other activities?  Yeah, well that's what we're trying to fix.

We are eco-conscious and believe in making clothing that lasts.  All garments and materials are made locally in BC and Canada.