Nude Apparel

Provides fashionable bodysuits & dance bottoms available in a variety of colours & styles.

The Story:
The Nude Apparel Sassy bottoms were the original inspiration behind our Fortoula Signature bottoms you have now come to know and love. We took the early versions of Nude Apparel's bottom, kept the foundation that we loved, changed what we didn't, and the Fortoula Bottoms were born!

While we now make our own version of the Sassy bottom, Nude Apparel still offers a larger variety of styles and colours, something that Fortoula hopes to offer one day as well. Pro-tip: If you prefer a lower leg cut compared to Fortoula's, Nude Apparel may be right for you!

LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAIN. This collection is extremely limited and there are no restocks as the original retailers have closed their business. Because of these reasons, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges on all Nude Apparel branded products.

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